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The life insurance market is broad, with so many products to choose from. Your adviser will take the confusion out of critical illness insurance and present impartial options, allowing you to easily make sense of what is available.

Critical Illness Cover in Bristol

Critical Illness Cover meets your need if you want to have a lump sum or a regular income paid if you're diagnosed with a critical illness that meets the provider's definition during your chosen term. Suppose you have or are planning a family. 

In that case, you can also select Children's Critical Illness, and some Enhanced Children's Critical Illness plans even have cover for pregnancy complications as an additional condition. 

Many critical illnesses are treatable and survivable with the right help and specialist due to advances in medicine. 

Suffering from a critical illness could mean that you are forced to spend an extended period away from work, with the subsequent loss of income while you recuperate. 

Financial security will allow you to focus wholly on your recovery and reduce the pressure to return to work until you are fit and ready. 

When you choose Critical Illness Cover, you can choose to include cover for total permanent disability. 

This pays out if you become disabled and can no longer perform certain day-to-day activities.

What is covered with critical illness insurance?

Critical Illness insurance provides a tax-free lump sum if you are diagnosed with a specified serious illness such as cancer if you suffer a heart attack or a stroke. Critical illness cover can be added to a Life Insurance policy or purchased as a stand-alone policy.

Can I have two critical illness policies?

How do I claim critical illness insurance?

You will need to contact your Critical Illness insurer. If you have an adviser, they can assist with any claim. Your insurer will ask what you are claiming and likely ask you for medical clarification. Once you have received a payout, your critical illness policy will end. 

Yes, you can have two or more critical illness policies. For some, more than one policy may work if you have varied needs. You may wish a Critical illness policy to pay off a repayment mortgage and a different set lump sum to meet other requirements. 

What are the 36 critical illnesses?

The Association of British Insurers (ABI) have minimum standards for Critical illness covering 22 conditions, with the main ones being cancer, heart attack and stroke. Then insurers cover up to a further 30 additional illnesses, with many covering 36 illnesses or more. It is best to check the Critical Illnesses covered and the definition to make a claim. 

Critical Illness Insurance Questions

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The benefit paid can be used to partially or fully repay your mortgage balance or debts (depending on the level of cover), reducing monthly outgoings. 

It can provide a sum to meet the cost of medical treatment, adapting your home, and making you comfortable without the added pressure of worrying about money. 

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Is it worth buying critical illness insurance?

Critical Illness cover can form part of your overall financial planning. If you fall ill with a serious illness, the policy could provide a lump sum to help financially, which may be necessary for you and your family. Premiums for critical illness cover are higher than for life assurance cover.

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